Unique, Curated Shopping for your Loved Ones this Holiday Season

The holidays are approaching–and fast! Shopping for a loved one this holiday season? Don’t know what to style their brand-new sweater with? Check us out! Happy Holidays Christmas Card Design with Close Up of Pine Tree Branch and Snow in the Woods in Background

Gift giving is a sentimental and heartwarming act. The holidays are quickly approaching and it’s important to be prepared. 

Whether it’s for your mother, brother, or significant other, you can use inShop to help you with your gift shopping! Tailor your preferences to anything you or your desired person would want, and start shopping! 

Rather than walking into Target and searching for the “perfect” top, you can simply search for a piece of clothing and have a curated selection of outfits that follow updated and unique fashion trends! 

Looking for a cheap option for shopping this holiday season? You can customize your feed options to a specific price range to stay within your budget, but still snag some amazing gifts. 

You can select clothing options from popular stores such as: 

Although shopping for others is rewarding and fun, shop for yourself! Think of your own personalized style, or what you wish it would look like, and search for a few key pieces that you have been dying to buy recently. As you continue to use the app, the more personal our curated styles will be! Rather than the same neutrals and basic styles, our app can allow you to create your own unique and stylish aesthetic within your price range!

Gift Giving 

Gifts for Teens

Do you have a teenager in your house that stays up-to-date with fashion trends? 

A growing pre-teen that needs new pants for every other month because they’ve grown 2 inches…already?! 

Find anything from a cool graphic tee, butterfly designed jeans, or an oversized sweater from any store.

With a curated style search engine, inShop can style a monochromatic, aesthetic outfit for your teen this holiday season! 

The idea of a monochromatic, unique closet is trending right now in the fashion industry. Rather than having a variety of colors to choose from and style every day, teens and young fashion icons are choosing one or two colors and building their outfits around that color spectrum. 

Another insight into gift-giving for teens has to do with their “Seasonal Color Analysis”. This is where you take your skin tone, eye color, hair color, and lip color into consideration when choosing a color palette for your wardrobe. The following are the popular color palette options:

Winter – Cool and Dark Colors 

Usually for individuals with pale skin, dark hair, and red lips

Colors in the Palette: Black, Soft Greens and Blues, with some pinks

Autumn – Warm and Dark Colors 

Usually for individuals with olive skin, light colored lips, and brown hair

Colors in the Palette: Dark Greens, Soft Reds, and Neutral Browns 

Spring – Warm and Light Colors 

Usually for individuals with light skin and hair, light colored eyes, and pink lips 

 Colors in the Palette: Greens, oranges, and light blues 

Summer – Cool and Light 

Usually for individuals with ivory skin, light eyes, and dark hair

Colors in the Pallete: Reds, purples, blues, and light gray

You can easily search for the colors above depending on your teens color preferences, while using the seasonal color analysis as a guide! 

Is your child’s winter formal approaching before Christmas break? It’s typical for a teenager to stress about what to wear to winter formal. Help them out by showing them how to set up the app to curate their likes and dislikes to pick the perfect dress for them this year. Macy’s a great place to start! 

They can choose which colors they would like, take a look at color palettes, and shop by staying within your budget! Take away the hours you spend going store to store to find the right dress by shopping and swiping online with your curated search engine! 

It’s the perfect way to spend time and save money before the holidays.

Gifts for Significant Others

Unsure of what to get your significant other for the Holidays? It’s easy to look for a new piece of jewelry or search for the “unique” gift, but why not style an entire outfit? 

It can be difficult to pick just a pair of jeans or a dress, but with a curated generation of ideas to choose from, you can’t go wrong with styling an outfit for your loved one! 

Simply plug in an item that you see your significant other wearing often, choose something you think they might enjoy, and let the app assist you from there! Nordstrom Rack is a perfect place to start your search! 

If you think your significant other would love a new pair of jeans from their favorite brand, you can search for the style, color, and price that best fits, then have an abundance of ideas shown to you within seconds! It may be a sweater vest to pair with a turtleneck, or it could be a jacket with a pop of color in a belt. Whatever is suggested, know that you have options! You can easily swipe away and personalize your suggestions even further.

Parents and Grandparents

Stuck in a never-ending-gift-loop of the same mug and PJ’s combo for your parents?

The only thing better than a mug for Christmas, is a matching sweater. Or a matching jacket. Or pants. You know, for the aesthetic, right? 

Step out of the loop and look through our app to find the perfect sweater to wear by the fireplace this holiday season! You can search for a color aesthetic, Christmas themed, or even a simple, white t-shirt using our curated search engine.

Oftentimes, gift receivers don’t want to have another too-unique-to-style sweater as a gift, but with our style-curated app, you can search for the perfect sweater, jacket, skirt, or even dress and have it styled for you.

You will know exactly what to pair your gift with the options provided to you for you to choose from. 

Is your dad still wearing the same pair of trousers as he was in 1970? 

Is your mom still wearing her infamous blue sweater because it’s comfortable, regardless of its obviously over-worn state? 

Look for the same type of sweater by just simply searching “blue sweater”. Our app will introduce you to hundreds of styles, colors of blue, and material types for you to choose from.

White Elephant Parties

Rather than spending the entire evening shopping (I know it’s not you, it’s them, right?), you can spend the evening clicking through curated outfit ideas for every special occasion! 

You can find the perfect outfit to wear for a night out, or in, for the holiday season using this app. 

Are you looking for a white elephant sweater for the office party this year? Getting together with a bunch of old friends to celebrate the holidays? Suggest wearing ugly holiday sweaters and/or vests! You can find the perfect pair of khakis (in every color and style) to go with your outfit by just swiping through the options that are already picked for you! 

Don’t stop at the White Elephant or Holiday-themed parties. Start looking for your night-on-the-town outfit for New Years Eve! You can find beautiful, sparkly dresses and search for the perfect pair of heels.

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